About 2 Girls Trippin’: Travel Podcast & Blog – Episode #1

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1 Hopelessly Optimistic Cancer Survivor + 1 Mortician = 2 Girls Trippin’

2 Girls Trippin’ is a monthly travel podcast and blog hosted by us, Lena Starbird and Kristina Kindred, bringing you fresh DIY travel ideas, nerdy gadget reviews and unbelievable stories- including our dumb-ass amateur mistakes, all to entertain, inform and inspire you to live a more incredible adventure.

Important note of warning:

We believe that it is super essential to get your regularly prescribed dosage of good ol’ stupid Fun which is both incredibly soul-satisfying and makes hopping back onto the struggle bus every day totally worth it.

If you do not like fun things, then run away now. This website is not for you.

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As fate would have it, we’ve been happily caught up in a full blown obsession to shake off the doom and gloomies ever since cancer tried to kick Lena’s ass with a nasty bout of stage four Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. So after sucker-punching the Big C in its’ stupid ugly face we made a pact to start livin’ like it’s our last chance and give back however we can.

Cancer can kiss it!

Cancer can kiss it!

Meanwhile this super-brainy cancer survivor and her wacky mortician sidekick were dreaming up memorable recipes for good times and it occurred to us that sharing our little travel obsession with our fellow road trip freaks and backyard adventurers would be a great place to start spreading the love. Our free time was already spent doing all the hard work researching and planning so now we just had to figure out how to get it all out there and make it easily accessible.

Fortunately for us, Lena’s insatiable love for technology and all things nerdy made this a manageable challenge and here we are a year later with all the pieces coming together.

How we make the magic happen:

  • Research the heck out of each road trip.
  • Map out the most interesting routes possible.
  • Max the relax by finding amazing and unusual places to stay.
  • Create Must-Do and Must-Eat lists for every destination.

Once those golden vacation hours pile up we launch into our latest travel scheme, jam pack our FJ Cruiser to the brim and hit the road for multi-week trips usually in the more favorable spring and fall shoulder seasons with a few chilly winter excursions tossed in for good measure.

Traveling in the off-seasons helps us stretch our hard earned dollars with cheaper lodging rates and avoids the mad crush of touristy crowds typically associated with primo sunshiney destinations and peak road travel during the hottest summer months.

Shine on!

Shine on!

Luckily for us when we’re not out road trippin’ our home base is smack dab in the middle of SoCal’s exploding craft beer scene where we are drinking our fill at every brew festival in arms reach and celebrating the fact that we will never run out of mind-blowing stuff to do here in beautiful Southern California.

On the techie side of things we:

Stick a bunch of pretty pictures and the occasional GoPro video up on the blog so you can get a good visual on where you might like to go next.

Keep the options flowing by offering up alternative winning suggestions for even more funky cool shit to do.

Stuff a bunch of links into the post so you can check out these magical adventures for yourself while you bookmark some goodies for your next getaway.

For the audiophiles out there or just the lazy readers like ourselves we host a bi-weekly podcast where we fill your ear-holes with our travel shenanigans and we even manage to give you the lowdown on where to get your drink on and what not to miss while your there.

“What the @$!# is a podcast?”

Think of it like an on-demand radio-style show about any topic you choose which you can listen to on the Internet, your smartphone or any iPod type device when ever you please.

The 2Girls Trippin’ podcast is available for FREE download on iTunes, Stitcher, or directly from this website.

Stuff in the works:

We’ve got some exciting “Local Expert” interviews lined up to bring you the insider dirt on our latest and greatest backyard adventures.

Coming soon- 2GT MeetUps

We plan the good times and all you have to do is show up with a smile and your beer money.

Free hugs!

Free hugs!

Crank. Up. The. Fun.

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Lena & Kristina

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2 Comments on “About 2 Girls Trippin’: Travel Podcast & Blog – Episode #1

  • As a survivor (7yrs) of stage 3 non-hodgkins lymphoma myself, I very much enjoy your adventures. My husband and I traveled to the desert for the weeks between bouts of chemo to experience first hand the healing powers of the desert. We’ve actually been to all the places you talked about on 395 – one of our favorite hwys. Check out Fossil Falls and Red Rock Canyon (farther south off 395 on hwy 14) towards your neck of the woods. Keep those photos coming and keep having fun!

    • Cheers to 7 years, Diane! I’m sure that time in the desert will always be extra special, especially during an often scary & uncertain time. It sure helps me to appreciate every day and adventure more than ever though!

      Thanks for the tips! We definitely have more exploring to do on 3 wheels!

      Cheers to many more adventures!


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