How to Install a Sidecar Light Kit on a Ural

How to Install a Sidecar Light Kit on a Ural

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Installing the OEM LED Dual Sidecar Light Kit on a Ural is fairly easy if you’re not afraid of a wire stripper and wrench. But like other accessories we’ve installed, instructions are not included.

Since this is our first bike and basically know how to add gas and check the oil level, we turned to the always amazingly helpful Ural community on FaceBook.

To pay it forward, we put together a step-by-step of how we installed the light kit on our 2014 Ural Gear-Up in hopes to help others rock their DIY project with a lil’ less stress.

We’re not electricians and aren’t responsible if you get hurt or damage your rig. Please stay safe and check with a pro before getting started.

Also, if you purchase from our affiliate links below, we get some beer money. Cheers in advanced!


1. Wire Strippers

2. Box Cutter

*3. Weatherproof Ring Terminals 1/4″ 16-14 Gauge

*4. Quick Splices 18-14 Gauge

ring terminals and quick splices

* We got these from our local automotive store, Pep Boys.

5. Heat Shrink Tubing (optional)

6. Hex keys


8. Pliers

How to Install a Ural LED Dual Sidecar Light Kit

1. Remove the 2 screws on the sidecar fusebox.

sidecar fuse box

sidecar fuse box screws

Before we get too far along, let’s check the lights to make sure they work.

2. Connect the 2 LED lights to the included wiring.

LED light wire

3. Pull the rubber covers back a bit on the white and black wire, but be careful not to touch the metal prongs on the wiring or the fuse box.

original LED light wiring

Hold the white wire’s blade to the open blade next to all the red wires and the black wire’s blade onto the grounding screw. (No need to pull of the grounding nut yet…this picture was reused from a later step.)

test your LED lights

Super! Your lights work! Now on to the fun stuff!

test lights

4. Disconnect the power going to the sidecar.

disconnect sidecar power

Toggle your spotlight on and off from the fuse box to confirm there’s no juice going to the sidecar.

5. Cut the ends off of the black and white cables on the included wiring.

cut ends on wire

cut ends

6. Pop off the little rubber cover on the hole underneath the sidecar on the side closest to the fuse box and feed your wire through.

feed your wire

7. Strip about a 1/4″ off the black wire.

strip black ground wire

8. Slip on a ring terminal and crimp.

crimp end

9. Use a blow dryer or (very carefully) a lighter to shrink the weatherproofing cover. Use caution not to melt the cover or wiring.

heat shrink ring terminal

10. Remove the nut to connect the black ground wire and then put that nut right back on.

black ground terminal

11. Slip the quick splice onto the existing white wire (power to spotlight).

quick splice white wire

12. Push the white wire from your new lights into the quick splice.

quick splice LED white wire

13. Then squeeze the metal prong down with pliers.

crimp quick splice

Since I had some issues with the mounted lights moving around, I decided to try some heat shrink tubing on the u-bolts to add some friction and grip.

14. Measure and cut the heat shrink tubing.

measure shrink tubing

15. Slip on the heat tubing and use a hair dryer to shrink it. I left the u-bolts on the bathroom counter while I heated them. Be careful. The u-bolts will be hot!

Use a box cutter to cut off the excess tubing that’s covering the threading.

heat shrink tubing on u bolts

16. Mount your sidecar lights.

(The mount was leaning a too close to the sidecar in this pic so we made the bracket more vertical.)

mount sidecar lights

17. Reconnect the sidecar power. Flip the switch to confirm your awesomeness.

sidecar light test

18. Replace the fuse box.

replace fuse box

19. Go celebrate!

How did your install go?

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